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Cash: Accepted only at Retail Outlets.

Debit Card: Accepted at Retail Outlets.

Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard and American Express are accepted at all sales channels. Diners cards can be used while purchasing tickets through our Call Center and Biletix web site.

Installments: You may want to pay by installments. That's your choice. 3 installments are available for Akbank Axess, Garanti Bonus and İş Bankası Maximum cardholders for online, call center and iPhone Application purchases. 3 and 6 installments are available only for Yapı Kredi World card. Installments are not available at retail outlets. Please note that %8 late interest is applicable on payments by installments. Late interest will be added on the total amount.

Points: This is one of the favourite payment options. This option is available for Yapı Kredi World credit card via Internet if the accumulated points cover the total transaction amount.

Payment From Account: It is accepted only on Garanti ATMs.

Garanti CepBank Payment: It is accepted only on the web site and only for single payment. In order to use Garanti CepBank Payment for your transaction, you have to register your cell phone using Garanti Online Banking or Garanti ATM's. Total transaction amount will be charged from your account or card that you have defined by Garanti Bank.

BKM Express: BKM Express (The Interbank Card Center), is a payment system which is developed with Banks and the leading companies of the e-trade world in order to make online shopping faster and easier. If you have a bank card, you can become a BKM Express member without paying any fee on the web site https://www.bkmexpress.com.tr/BKMExpress and you can shop online in safe without sharing your card information.

Turkcell Cüzdan (Wallet): Thanks to Turkcell Cüzdan, you can shop by using only your cell phone. Turkcell Cüzdan is just like a real wallet; in order to use your wallet, you need to put cash money in it, or if you wish, you can also add your bank and credit cards.

Akbank or Garanti Bank cards with MasterCard/Maestro logo can be added into your Wallet. If you don't have any bank card, you can also put cash money into your Turkcell Cüzdan at Turkcell Communication Centers.

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