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You can buy your tickets on our web site www.biletix.com, through our Call Center by calling 0 216 556 98 00, and also through a Garanti ATM, iPhone or Android applications.

Once you have selected the event for which you wish to buy tickets, you can choose one of the sales channels to begin your transaction.

(Please Note! Tickets for some events will not be sold through all sales channels. This is an exceptional situation and will be announced on Biletix Website on the page of the event.)

a) Internet
If you want to buy your tickets on the internet, you may only pay by credit card. Visa, Master,Diners and American Express credit cards are acceptable.

b) Call Center - 0216 556 98 00

Working Hours
10:00 - 19:00

You may only pay by credit card. Visa, Master, Diners and American Express cards are acceptable for transactions via Biletix Call Center.

c) Retail Outlets
You may purchase your tickets from retail outlets located throughout Turkey. Sales via phone are not available at retail outlets.
When you purchase your ticket at a retail outlet, your tickets are printed and handed to you at the point of sale. For certain events that have special ticket stock, tickets are not provided at the time of payment and will be sent to you separately by courier.

d) Garanti ATMs
If you are a Garanti Bank Customer, you may purchase your tickets via Garanti ATMs nationwide.
Tickets purchased through Garanti ATMs can be collected only from the Biletix Retail Outlets or from the Will Call Window at the event venue on the event day. Unfortunately, there is no courier delivery option available for these transactions.

Important Note: Only certain events will be sold through Garanti ATMs.

e) Biletix iPhone Application
You can download Biletix iPhone Application by using the “App Store” icon on the iPhone main menu or by using the application store after installing iTunes on your PC. Some events may not be available for sale from the Biletix iPhone Application.

f) Biletix Android Application
You can download Biletix Android Application by using the "Market" icon on the Android Operating System or by using Google Android Market.


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